Douay North

General Information

  • Property covers 4,077 hectares (73 claims ) and is 100% held by Harfang (33F07); no NSR
  • Covers a portion of the Casa Berardi deformation corridor 5 km north of the Douay gold deposit
  • Located 40 km southwest of Matagami
  • Accessible by trucks along logging roads
  • Dominated by metamorphosed sedimentary rocks of the Taibi Group including greywackes, argilites and siltstones with volcaniclastites, Algoma-type iron formations, and micro-conglomerates
    5 diamond drillholes (944 m) and 12 reverse circulation drillholes in overburden done in the 1980’s
  • Thick overburden cover (up to 30-50 m) with limited outcrop exposures


Figure 1. Location of the Douay North Project north of the Douay Gold Deposit along the Casa Berardi Deformation Corridor.

Figure 2. Location of the Douay North Project with respect to the Douay Gold Deposit and other mining properties in the area.


  • Possible major regional structure interpreted from the angular relationships between magnetic features (junction between two lithological domains)
  • Same stratigraphic level as the Vezza Mine located 20 km to the east
  • Multiple shear zones were drilled showing sericitization and minor silicification