General Information

  • Property covers 50,843 hectares (988 claims) and is 100% held by Harfang (33F02, 33F03, 33F06); 2% NSR to Sunridge Capital Corp and 2% to Gilbert Lamothe on 86 claims
  • Located 80 km southeast of Radisson and 60 km from the La Grande airport; adjacent to the Billy-Diamond paved road; 2 powerlines transect the property
  • Accessible by ground and air transportation, and by boat from Lake Sakami
  • The eastern limit of the property is next to the LaPointe Gold Deposit (Quebec Precious Metals Corporation)
  • Project located in an under-explored area outside known greenstone belts; near the contact between the La Grande and Opinaca subprovinces
  • Geology dominated by the Langelier Complex (Archean tonalitic basement) and the Duncan Intrusions with discontinuous slivers of volcano-sedimentary rocks (Yasinski Group and Apple Formation) and late intrusions of the Vieux Comptoir Granitic Suite
  • Gold is hosted in quartz veins, shear zones and/or altered facies in a differentiated mafic-intermediate intrusion (Mascha Intrusion) and in mafic to ultramafic dykes metamorphosed to the upper greenschist to lower amphibolite facies
  • LCT pegmatites in the eastern part of the property with lithium, tantalum and beryllium mineralization


Figure 1. Location of gold, lithium and other showings on the Serpent-Radisson property. Gold grades refer to grab and channel samples with >10 g/t Au.

Figure 2. One of the largest gold-in-till anomalies in Canada, also confirmed by soil (B-Horizon) sampling.

Figure 3. Location of the spodumene-bearing pegmatites in outcrops and boulders at Améliane showing with Li2O results.


  • Discovery of more than 50 orogenic gold and intrusion-related Cu-Au-Ag±Bi±Te mineralized occurrences
  • Gold-rich occurrences in shear zones and quartz veins in mafic and intermediate intrusive rocks (eg. 7.78 g/t Au over 6.15 m [channel, Moby-Dick], up to 186 g/t Au and 200 g/t Ag [grab]
  • Mista Cu-Au-Ag±Bi±Te prospect defined over at least 350 m strike length, up to 1.00% Cu, 0.21 g/t Au and 7.9 g/t Ag over 12.9 m
  • Structural gold-bearing corridor at least 18 km long defined by a series of WNW-ESE and NE-SW shear zones
  • Gold-in-till anomaly covering >8 km2  
  • Till samples with high gold (up to 432 grains) and scheelite grain counts, high ratio of pristine grains suggests proximal bedrock source
  • Drilling (70 holes, 14,950 m) confirms gold intervals up-ice of the gold-in-till anomaly and under surface showings
  • Some of the best drilled intervals: 2.52 g/t Au over 19.65 m [SER-22-047], 4.09 g/t Au over 8.00 m [SER-21-029], 4.33 g/t Au over 7.00 m [SER-21-035], 1.64 g/t Au over 22.40 m [LSR-21-001, Goldhawk]
  • Spodumene discovery (Ameliane showing) with up to 4.56% Li2O (grab sample) and 0.82% Li2O over 20.0 m (channel)

Upcoming Exploration Programs

  • Year 2024: 1) Drilling at Améliane and Mista showings as part of our exploration program for critical and strategic minerals, 2) Complete the geological reassessment of all information related to the gold occurrences on the property to design the next gold exploration program.