General Information

  • Property covers 15,323 ha (287 claims) and is 100% held by Harfang (32N11, 33N14); no NSR
  • Located 220 km north of Matagami along the Billy-Diamond road
  • Accessible by truck and boat
  • Dominated by volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Anatacau-Pivert and Pontax formations metamorphosed to the amphibolite facies


Figure: Location of the Pontax property with respect to the limit between the Nemiscau and La Grande subprovinces and known lithium and gold occurrences. The area is actually staked by corporations actively exploring for lithium. The Pontax claims mainly cover the volcano-sedimentary belt.


  • Geological setting highly favorable for gold mineralization (iron formations, conglomerates, regional folding, proximity of the structural boundary between the Nemiscau and La Grande subprovinces [metamorphic contrast])
  • Metasedimentary rocks of the Pontax Formation contain aluminosilicates related to metasomatic alteration, similarities with the intermediate and distal alterations at the Eleonore gold mine
  • Pegmatite dykes favorable for the discovery of lithium near an all-season paved road

Upcoming Exploration Programs

  • First-phase prospecting