January 16, 2020
By Harfang Exploration

Montreal, January 16, 2020. Harfang Exploration Inc. (“Harfang”) (TSX-V: HAR) is pleased to report high gold grain counts in till samples (up to 324 gold grains) collected on the Serpent Property (the “Property”) located in James Bay (Québec) delineating a new highly prospective unexplored area (Figures 1 and 2). The Corporation adds 185 claims to its 100% owned Property which is now made up of 523 claims (27,065 ha). An induced polarization survey will be conducted during winter 2020 in the new gold-in-till anomaly and the surroundings of the Mista prospect.

Till Survey

Results from the fall 2019 till survey have outlined a large gold-in-till anomaly defined by a cluster of 9 samples with high gold grain counts (≥20 total gold grains) covering a 4 km2 area in the southwestern part of the Property. Two of the samples returned 235 and 324 total gold grains with 155 and 217 pristine grains, respectively (Figure 3). Pristine grains are delicate pieces of free gold that are generally interpreted to have been derived from bedrock sources close to the sampling sites. The survey, which consisted in 125 till samples exclusively collected in the southwestern part of the Property, also returned 4 additional isolated samples with high gold grain counts (≥20 grains) (Figures 2 and 3). Most samples were taken inside the interpreted limits of a pluri-kilometric deformation corridor (Figure 4). Figure 2 also shows results from the till 2018 survey which guided Harfang’s geologists towards the discovery of several gold showings in 2019 (see press releases published on October 17 and December 10, 2019).

According to preliminary conclusions by Les Consultants Inlandsis, the contractor mandated to interpret the till results, gold grains appear to be derived from local bedrock sources (<200 m up-ice). This interpretation is based on 1) the high ratios of pristine grains in most of the gold-rich tills and 2) the limited glacial transportation deduced from the absence of well-developed glacial dispersal trains. Hypothetical bedrock sources for these gold grains open up a totally new unexplored area. Interestingly, magnetic discontinuities suggesting regional WNW-ESE structures extending over more than 5 km are abundant in the outlined sector (Figure 4). Harfang now considers that this specific portion of the Property represents a high-priority prospective target. Other isolated anomalous till samples shown in figures 2-4 are considered as priority targets too. Known high-grade gold showings cannot account for the large gold-in-till anomaly as they are located more than 6 km to the east. The quantity of gold grains reported (amongst the highest counts in any surveys in James Bay) and the aerial extent of the anomalies further confirm the district gold endowment and its high prospectivity.

Since 2017, Harfang has discovered a total of 15 gold showings on the Property with 10 of them grading more than 10 g/t Au (up to 186 g/t Au and 200 g/t Ag at Lawr). These gold occurrences are all associated with decimetric (10-30 cm wide) quartz veins hosted in foliated/gneissic tonalite and gabbroic dykes or at the contact between both lithologies. The Mista prospect (0.99% Cu, 0.2 g/t Au and 7.7 g/t Ag over 11.7 m), mapped over at least 350 m laterally, corresponds to a sulfide-bearing quartz-rich arenite injected by quartz veins. A spatial link exists between gold-bearing quartz veins and extensive E-W to WNW-ESE structural breaks represented by magnetic discontinuities (Figure 4). The new gold-in-till anomaly is spatially associated with such magnetic discontinuities in an area which has never been explored by Harfang or any other explorers.

2020 Winter Exploration Program

Given the success of the 2019 till program in highlighting new exploration targets, Harfang is highly motivated to undertake significant exploration on the Property in the upcoming months. The Corporation will proceed to an induced polarization survey during winter 2020 covering regional structures possibly linked to gold mineralization dispersed by glaciers in nearby till. This ground geophysical survey will also test the Mista trend which hosts the Mista Cu-Au-Ag prospect.

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The technical and scientific information in this press release has been prepared and approved by François Huot, P.Geo, Chief geologist at Harfang, a “qualified person” as defined by NI 43-101.

Quality control

Till samples were collected from hand-dug pits at depths up to 1 m by employees from SL Exploration Inc. Sampling sites are separated from each other by approximately 200-250 m and distributed along lines spaced 1 km apart. Each sample (11-17 kg) was placed in a plastic bag which was identified by a specific tag number and securely sealed with fibertape. Samples were sent in two separate batches to Overburden Drilling Management [ODM] (Nepean, Ontario). This laboratory proceeded with the grain count, with the identification of some indicator minerals, and with the determination of gold grain shape from the non-magnetic heavy mineral concentrates. Quantities of grains mentioned in the text and shown in figures correspond to normalized values calculated from the counts given by ODM by adjusting the table feed weights (fraction <2 mm) to 10 kg.

Till is a transported surficial media produced during active glaciation that may be affected by subsequent surficial processes resulting in the possible modification of the gold content. As such, the occurrence of a gold anomaly in till is not conclusive evidence of a mineral deposit existing within the Property limits.

The sampling procedure and the quality control related to the till program followed protocols developed by SL Exploration and ODM. Interpretation of the results was done by Les Consultants Inlandsis and Harfang’s qualified employees.

About Harfang

Harfang is a mining exploration company whose primary mission is to discover new gold districts in the province of Québec. Harfang’s development model is based on the generation of new mining projects and on the establishment of partnerships with major exploration and mining companies to advance its exploration projects.

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