La Passe

General Information

  • Property covers 4,117 hectares (80 claims ) and is 100% held by Harfang (33F07); no NSR
  • Located 80 km southeast of Radisson and 15 km south of the Transtaiga road
  • Accessible by aerial transportation and by boat (Lake Sakami)
  • Dominated by weakly metamorphosed (greenschist facies) wacke and arenite, local pegmatite
  • Transition between the La Grande and Opinaca subprovinces progressing towards east, metamorphic transition from greenschists to amphibolite facies


Figure 1: Location of the La Passe property with respect to other Harfang’s projects and the contact between the La Grande and Opinaca subprovinces.


  • Geological setting reminiscent of that of the Eleonore gold mine (Low Formation, metamorphic contrast across the La Grande-Opinaca contact)
  • Approximately 20 km from the LaPointe gold deposit, in a similar geological context

Upcoming Exploration Programs

  • Follow-up on the recent initial prospecting


  • Coming Soon